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Oshuku Onsen Toragugu

Aquaculture in a hot spring, New mountain delicacies, "Hot spring Touragu"

  • New mountain delicacies, hot spring Toragu

  • Now offering new hot spring "Onsen Toragugu" in Tohoku!

    Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso Group offers high-quality fish “Trafugu” at an affordable price.
    From the desire to have customers taste,
    We started a land farming business using hot springs instead of seawater.
    We are offering customers in earnest from the early winter of 2018.

    Compared to marine aquaculture, hot spring trough pufferfish has about 20% “free amino acids” of umami ingredients,
    The puffy texture that is unique to troughs is said to be about 8% higher,
    It is similar to natural ones. (※ Investigated by the Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo)
    In addition, the mineral-rich source of Oshuku Onsen is
    Helps nurture hot spring trough puffers and nurtures an elastic and firm body.

    Please enjoy the new mountain delicacies that grew up at the source of Oshuku Onsen.

Environment that raises hot spring trough puffer

  • A safe and secure environment is a must to provide our customers.
    We are cultivating in an environment that is ideal for tiger puffer fish and that meets human-friendly aquaculture standards.

Trough history history

Toyotomi Hideyoshi is angry and bannedThere are many accidents where samurai who gathered for the Korean troops eat Fugu and die.  
Enraged Toyotomi Hideyoshi issued the Fugu Anti-Foot Order (1592), which continued until the Meiji Era.
Hirofumi Ito was moved to liftIn 1888, the Shimonoseki restaurant “Shunpanro” was the stage of the conclusion of the Nissin Peace Treaty.
On the day when the treaty was concluded, the fish offered to the banquet could not be taken out, and the service manager offered as a bitter measure was the trough that was still banned at that time.
Prime Minister Ito is convinced by the service manager's statement that if the cooking method is firm, it will not be poisonous.
The prime minister who was drowned in the deliciousness declared “no poison in the puffer fish in Shimonoseki” and since then, puffer food has been lifted only in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture.  

※Four years later, sales were lifted in 1892 on the condition that the built-in was removed in Tokyo, but it did not spread.
The ban was lifted in earnest nationwide after the ordinance was issued in Osaka in 1948 after the war.

Hot spring trough puffer attracting attention recently!

Hot spring trough puffer Q & A

Q. Why aquaculture in Oshuku Onsen? A. The PH value of Oshuku Onsen is "8.5". This is the same as sea water.
  The water quality survey also shows that minerals (especially calcium) are abundant.
  Another factor is that Oshuku Onsen has good access to our group building.
  There are also relatively few geographical factors with snow cover.
  We can deliver fresh hot spring trough quickly and reduce shipping costs.

Fuguischan “Sanchokusou (direct delivery)” is very “shinsen (fresh)”!
I would be happy if you could taste it a little. "
Q. How do you raise a pufferfish in hot spring water? A. It is brought up with artificial seawater (salt).
  By adjusting the salt concentration to 0.9%, the growth rate is nearly twice as fast as the natural one.
Fuguischan "In addition to putting salt in hot spring water,
The “water drop” of the hot springs and the temperature
There are various kinds of hot spring trough puffers that can live here. "
Q. What are you eating? A. We give fish meal (sardines), shrimp, krill, etc. in a pellet form.

Fuguisu-chan, “There is no“ stomach ”in the trough,
Eating too much food will break your body ...
That ’s why Fugu ’s feeding is like “Keiken”! "
Q. Tohoku is actually the real home of Fugu. ? ]A. Tohoku is actually a “natural” pufferfish.  
  Combined with the 6 prefectures in Tohoku, the total number of fish catches in the Tohoku region is 561t, ranking 2nd in the country!
  (2017, Surveyed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

Fuguisu-chan “I went around the second place,“ Hokkaido (478t) ”!”
Q. Which prefecture has the highest consumption? A. Osaka Prefecture is the first place (60% of the total).

Fuguischan-chan "Ogaka is cheap and has lots of puffers.
It has been used for a long time as “Shomin no Aji” ~ ”
Q. Why is Shimonoseki famous? A. Shimonoseki is more of an accumulation area than a puffer's production area.  
  About 80% to 90% of the whole, including natural, aquaculture and imported products
  Collected in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  Shimonoseki was the first ban on puffer food in the Meiji period,
  It became the reason why it was said to be the home of the puffer fish.

Fuguischan-chan "Fushi" is called "Fuku" in Shimonoseki so that it leads to "Fuku"! "
Q. Is the hot spring trough puffer delicious? ,feature is? A. The hot spring trough puffer is more common than aquaculture
  The umami component (amino acid) is about 20% higher and the tooth response is about 8% higher!
  Troughfish is high in protein, low in calories, and rich in collagen!
  It is a fish that is gentle on beauty and health.
  ※Yumezore Co., Ltd. (Tochigi Prefecture), who succeeded in commercializing hot springs
   This is the result of “Taste-enhancing technology / process” developed jointly with the University of Tokyo.  

Fuguisu-chan "Please come to the hot spring trough puffer that is delicious and good for your body!"