Makado Onsen, the source of the legendary Tsuru Den, which is the only Makado Onsen spot in Noheji cho located at the entrance of the Shimokita Peninsula. Please enjoy the specialties ・ grilled miso shellfish of the scallop and the meal which tastes the blessing of the sea.

【Official】Makado Kanko Hotel

Welcome to Tsuru-no-yu Legendary Onsen

Take a breath at the public bath filled with a refreshing Aomori Hiba scent, hospitality with a party cuisine decorated with the grace of the sea

Recommended information of the season

  • Only this season! Must-see if you live in Tohoku!

    As the name suggests, if you are applying for "Tohoku residents"
    No matter where you are living with you!

    Although it is a traggu dish which is not so familiar in Tohoku
    Outstanding freshness "hot spring Toragu" by direct from aquaculture
    Odorless and delicate taste, and pre-washed white
    I can not collect the unique texture that is crunchy!

    \ Fufu thin·Fugu dust·Puffer fish risotto·Hirinka·Fried chicken/

    Enjoy the full course of Torafugu
    Please try "Tohoku 6 prefectures" only for Tohoku!

  • Day trip plan ~ Feel free to enjoy multi-course meals & hot spring ~

    Up to small groups and groups from 4 people
    We offer a day trip plan that you can enjoy the hot spring and multi-course meals casually.

    You can choose from 4 plan to suit your budget
    I can not stay, but when I want to relax in a hot spring bath
    Please consider.

    Application is received by phone.

    【Application】 To 0175-64-3131, Makado Kanko Hotel Reservation

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Information on traffic

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Hotel Name

Makado Kanko Hotel


9 Yuzawa, Noheji Town, Kamikita County, Aomori Prefecture

Telephone number



[Tohoku Expressway]About 50 minutes via National Route 4 from Aomori East IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
[Aoimori Railway]Free pick up is accepted from Noheji Station by advance reservation necessary. Please let us know your arrival time by the day before arrival.
<Corresponding time>We will receive it from 14:00 to 18:00 on the day and from 7:00 to 10:00 the next day.
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Character naming campaign in progress!

  • Apply for the character's name and win a pair accommodation ticket!

    Sanrokuso Group the aquaculture of a new project "Oshuku Onsen Torafugu"
    The character responsible for advertising is born!
    However, the name has not been decided yet·····

    So, please enjoy the campaign for recruiting this daughter's name.
    We held it.

    Those who have been hired will receive a pair accommodation ticket!
    Please confirm the detailed application method from the following link.

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